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'Radius' is clean, modern and responsive-ready meaning your site will always look its best no matter what device it is being viewed on. With built in customization options, you can tailor the color scheme to match your brand.


Responsive Layouts

Page layouts that automatically adapt to the device they are being viewed on, keeping your users engaged longer as your content is much easier to access and digest whilst on the go. Optimised for devices such as the iPad & iPhone.


Brand integrity and consistency is paramount, we understand this. You can easily match your brands colors by using the built in theme editor - simply choose your color, hit save and now your site reflects your image perfectly, no coding required.

FREE Blocks

To help make your site stand out and speed up your workflow, not only do we provide a "shell" to work from but also the functionality required to flesh your site out. Fully Responsive Content Slider, Container Block, On-page Login Block and Social Links Block all included as standard.

Multi Level Navigation

The navigation has multi-drop down functionality built right in - simply add your pages to the sitemap and the navigation does the rest.

On Page Login

Simply add our On-page Login Block anywhere on your page and now you can log straight in, no need to bounce of to the standard log in page.

Containers Block

If you need to place some "featured" content or a "call-to-action" on your site then this block is just what you need. It comes with 12 different templates that can then also be customized with your own colors. Create "post-it-notes", "speech bubbles" and a whole lot more.

Responsive Slider Block

The fully responsive content slider allows you to add images, text and even HTML to create dynamic slides that work cross browser and device.

Multiple Page Types

Full width, two columns, three columns, four columns, left sidebar, right sidebar & a home page type with all the areas included.


We support all of our products and always endeavour to keep our response times quick and our help friendly. Our marketplace items are all tried & tested so should work out-of-the-box, any issues just give us a shout.

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